Teaching Patent Drafting in Africa

Imba Motombo Harare

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Left to Right: Tom Ewing (professor/attorney, Sweden); Yumiko Hamano (WIPO); Gift Sibanda (ARIPO Director General); Christopher Kiige (ARIPO Technical Director); Francoise Wege (WIPO); Luiz Augusto de Souza e Marques (attorney, Brazil); Naveen Modi (attorney, US); and Bob (attorney, US) in Harare, Zimbabwe, September 2007

When not drafting and prosecuting patents, Bob Sayre serves as an expert patent-drafting instructor for the World Intellectual Property Organization (a body of the United Nations that governs the PCT patent application process and oversees other international patent issues). His missions as an instructor for WIPO include (more pages from a half dozen additional workshops across Africa and Asia coming soon):

Zimbabwe (September 2007)

Ethiopia (December 2008)

Zimbabwe (October 2009)

Namibia (October 2010)