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Costs of Obtaining and Maintaining a US Patent

Posted on Fri, Sep 18, 2009 @ 08:11 AM

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Patent applicants rightfully question what they can expect in terms of costs at various stages of the patenting process; and they deserve a clear, honest answer. I do my best to provide realistic forecasts on patent costs, though it is often difficult to present a comprehensive picture given all of the variables and uncertainties.

To provide a clearer and more-complete view of lifetime patenting costs, from prior art search to patent expiration, I prepared a free/no-obligation six-page white paper outlining each step of the patenting process and typical costs for each based on practitioner survey data. Short answer: typical lifetime costs for obtaining and maintaining a US patent are in the ballpark of $30,000. You are invited to obtain this free report on US patent costs now. 

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