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Great Tool for Improving the Quality of Patent Applications

Posted on Tue, Jan 19, 2010 @ 09:50 AM

ClaimMasterIn my patent practice, I focus intensely on optimizing the quality of patent applications that I draft. In large part, I define quality in terms of being well-written and free of errors and compromising language. If these objectives ring true for you, as well, imagine the value if you could stuff an expert patent proofreader into your laptop.

With the ClaimMaster software program, you can do just that. ClaimMaster is an add-on for Microsoft Word with a wealth of features ranging from checking consistent use of reference numbers and terminology, evaluating claim format, identifying potentially compromising language, etc. I first started using ClaimMaster in September of 2009, soon after it was released, and I have consistently found it to be a great value at a price that is less than one hour of an experienced patent attorney's time.

Of course, it is still up to the patent attorney to draft a compelling patent application with well-crafted claims. I view ClaimMaster as a safety net that can reliably save me from many potential missteps. I have practiced long enough to be confident in my work, though, of course, my first draft, in particular, is not likely to be ideal. I will still proofread my work, though ClaimMaster can do a great job cleaning up my application starting with the first draft.

ClaimMaster benefits the client as much as the attorney. The client benefits because he/she can obtain a more-polished patent application in a shorter period of time (translating into lower cost). A more-polished application at the time of filing can also result in a stronger, more-quickly issued patent.

In addition, when I have run into problems with ClaimMaster, Dmitry at ClaimMaster has been very responsive in providing fixes. It is rare to find that level of responsiveness, service, quality and value in a tool for attorneys, though ClaimMaster provides it. With better-quality patent applications, everyone wins, particularly the client.

I received no incentives and have no stake in praising this product. My only motivation is to share this tool the same way I share any tool or tactic for optimal patent prosecution on this blog. If, as an applicant or attorney, you want an optimal patent (who doesn't?), I think your patent applications will surely benefit if they are parsed by ClaimMaster before being filed.

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