Links to Useful Patent-Related Resources

Guide for Inventors

"How to Protect and Benefit From Your Ideas" from the American Intellectual Property Law Association

Links for Patent Searching

European Patent Office (international)

World Intellectual Property Organization (PCT)

World Intellectual Property Organization (national collections) 

Free Patents Online (international)

PriorSmart (international) 

IPEXL (international)

Patent Lens (international) 

Google Patents (US)

United States Patent and Trademark Office (US)

Japanese Patent Office (including machine translation) (JP)

Delphion - Subscription (international)

Free Patent Downloads (also available from most of the above sites)

Patent Fetcher (international)

pat2pdf (US)

Google Patents (US)

European Patent Office (international)



Other Commerical Services Defensive publications and time-stamped invention archives

Micropatent: Fee-based source for foreign (and US patent documents)


Access to Patent Application Files

MX Legal Client File Portal

Publicly accessible cases in the USPTO PAIR Database