A Patent Law Firm in Cambridge, MA

Modern Times Legal cost-effectively drafts and prosecutes patent applications with personalized service. Located in Kendall Square, Cambridge, Massachusetts, Modern Times Legal is managed by Patent Attorney, Advisor and Advocate Robert J. Sayre

Building on a foundation of technical training and research at Argonne National Laboratory supplemented by hours each week consulting with pioneering inventors at MIT and Harvard University, Bob's legal advocacy is the forged product of intensive study, training, and experience, from Duke Law School to a prominent IP-specialty firm to a major international firm to the World Intellectual Property Organization and then finally founding Modern Times Legal. Bob takes pride in a track record of postive results and client satisfaction.

Bob particularly values testimonials provided by clients--here is one example:

"Bob Sayre is one of the very best patent attorneys I ever had the pleasure to work with. His uncanny ability to instantly grasp highly specialized and technically complex ... "technobabble" and to lay it out in perfect, legally acceptable terms, is nothing short of amazing....

Bob ... would just give me a phone call after receiving the initial draft and patiently listen (frequently well beyond his regular working hours) to a jumbled verbal explanation of an invention asking a few questions here and there and then magically transform it into a nearly perfect patent application....

Bob is always utmost responsive to requests and is a delight to work with. I wholeheartedly recommend Bob Sayre as the top patent attorney out there, bar none, and a very cost-effective one at that."

- Eric Y., prolific inventor, global specialty chemicals company (2010)


 Robert J. Sayre

Robert J. Sayre at the CIC. Photo by Jeff Thiebauth.


In October 2009, Bob returned to the African Regional Intellectual Property Office in Harare, Zimbabwe on behalf of the World Intellectual Property Office for the third-annual WIPO-ARIPO patent-drafting workshop.


Bob teaching Patents 101 at Harvard University (2014)