Candor, Quality and Value

March 2014 Update:  Unfortunately, due to demand from existing clients and WIPO, Bob is unlikely to be able to accept any new clients through the spring and summer of 2014.

Bob's availability beyond serving the needs of existing clients hinges upon (a) the press of work from existing clients, (b) his teaching schedule for the UN at workshops across Asia and Africa, and (c) whether your institution and technology are a good fit for Bob's practice. Finally, if your invention does not involve technology (e.g., if your invention is a simple consumer product), Bob, unfortunately, probably cannot represent you. 

    • Candor:  Bob will always give you his honest assessment of your prospects; if Bob does not think he has a good shot at obtaining a patent allowance for you, he will tell you and may decline representation. Additionally, if your technology is not a good match for Bob's background and experience, he will let you know. 

    • Quality:  You can see the quality of issued patents secured by Bob and you can read the satisfaction expressed by clients. Moreover, patent applications from two of the world's top universities (based on nearly any of the high-profile surveys) and from one of the world's largest technology corporations are entrusted to Bob based on recognition of the quality of his work.

    • Value: Preparing and filing a patent application is a significant undertaking. In most cases, even a basic provisional patent application will require an investment of at least a few thousand dollars, when properly prepared by a top-quality law firm (obtain Bob's free patent cost report for more information). Nevertheless, Bob works hard to keep his overhead low; and he passes those cost savings (compared with the larger Boston-area firms) on to you to maximize the value that you derive from your investment. He can provide a fair cost estimate for any work he performs; and with his satisfaction guarantee, you will never pay more than what you believe is fair value.

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