Industries Served

Robert J. Sayre represents universities (including two local universities rated among the top four in the United States*) and a variety of companies (including one of the top five institutional patent recipients in the United States**) with inventions in a variety of technical industries and fields, including, but not limited to, the following:

  • materials science (especially ceramics),
  • chemistry,
  • electronics,
  • optics/photonics,
  • alternative energy,
  • radiation and optical imaging,
  • nanotechnology,
  • medical devices and implants,
  • fluid filtration,
  • water desalination,
  • micro-robotics,
  • semiconductor and microelectronics fabrication,
  • particle accelerators, and
  • computer software.

* per 2009 US News and World Report rankings
** based on number of patent grants in the United States in 2010