Selection of Recently Issued Patents Drafted and Prosecuted by Robert J. Sayre (click to view):

US Patent No. 9,163,983:  Light Therapy Monitoring (GoodLux Technology)

US Patent No. 9,120,033:  Multi-Stage Bubble Column Humidifier (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 9,109,299:  Solidification of High Quality Alloy Semiconductors (CapeSym, Inc.)

US Patent No. 9,038,942:  Passive Torque Balancing in a High-Frequency Oscillating System (Harvard)

US Patent No. 8,976,447:  Broadband Dispersion-Free Optical Filter Cavities Based on Dielectric Mirrors with Complementary Dispersion (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,955,368:  Apparatus and Method for Aerosol Collection and Fluid Analysis (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,916,813:  Background-Free Balanced Optical Cross Correlator (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,848,273:  Amplitude, Phase and Polarization Plate for Photonics (Harvard)

US Patent No. 8,798,106:  Mode-Locking with Reduced Nonlinearity Using Gain-Matched Output Couplers (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,787,529:  Compact Coherent Current and Radiation Source (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,735,844:  Compact Neutron Imaging System Using Axisymmetric Mirrors (MIT)

US Patent No 8,704,198:  Efficient High-Harmonic-Generation-Based EUV Source Driven by Short Wavelength Light (MIT)

US Patent No 8,701,927:  Nanoparticle Thin-Film Coatings for Enhancement of Boiling Heat Transfer (MIT)

USPatent No.  8,649,086:  Apparatus and Method for Generating High-Intensity Optical Pulses with an Enhancement Cavity (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,647,477:  High-Efficiency Thermal-Energy-Driven Water Purification System (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 8,614,612:  Superconducting Coil (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,592,291:  Fabrication of Large-Area Hexagonal Boron Nitride Thin Films (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,581,525:  Compensated Precessional Beam Extraction for Cyclotrons (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,558,485:  Compact, Cold, Superconducting Isochronous Cyclotron (Ionetix)

US Patent No. 8,552,410:  Plasmonic Polarizer (Harvard)

US Patent No. 8,535,553:  Large-Area Single- and Few-Layer Graphene on Arbitrary Substrates (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,525,447:  Compact Cold, Weak-Focusing, Superconducting Cyclotron (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,523,985:  Bubble-Column Vapor Mixture Condenser (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 8,496,234:  Thermodynamic Balancing of Combined Heat and Mass Exchange Devices (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 8,390,921:  Cavity-Enhanced Parametric Amplification at Full Repetition Rate (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,328,396:  Methods and Apparatus for Improving Collimation of Radiation Beams (Harvard)

US Patent No. 8,292,272:  Water Separation Under Reduced Pressure (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 8,252,092:  Water Separation Under Varied Pressure (MIT and KFUPM)

US Patent No. 8,194,709:  High-Repetition-Rate Guided-Mode Femtosecond Laser (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,119,007:  Water Desalination Using Directional Solvent Extraction (MIT)

US Patent No. 8,028,663: Compliant Holder Device for Animal Imaging and Surgery (MIT and MGH)

US Patent No. 7,940,390: Compact Background-Free Balanced Cross-Correlators (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,920,673: Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,920,040: Niobium-Tin Superconducting Coil (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,839,905: Carrier-Envelope Phase Shift Using Linear Media (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,718,813: Hydrolysis and purification of active plant compounds suitable for topical application (Nature Pure Labs)

US Patent No. 7,696,847: High-field synchrocyclotron (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,656,258: Magnet structure for particle acceleration (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,624,955: Collapsible support stand for devices, such as cameras

US Patent No. 7,541,905: High-field superconducting synchrocyclotron (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,433,043: Two-dimensional spectral shearing interferometry for ultrafast pulse characterization (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,405,868: Cavity-enhanced optical parametric amplification (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,397,567: Balanced optical-radiofrequency phase detector (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,391,850: Compact, high-flux, short-pulse x-ray source (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,332,003: Hydrocarbon fuel processing for hydrogen generation (Aspen Products Group)