Securing Patent Allowances in Challenging Times

According to the United States Patent and Trademark Office, the overall utility patent allowance rate in the US dropped to 41% through mid-year 2009 (see chart, at bottom of page), down from an overall patent allowance rate above 70% at the USPTO as recently as 2000.1

Yet through carefully crafted technical characterizations and persuasive and creative legal advocacy, Modern Times Legal is soundly beating these statistics by achieving an allowance rate over 70% on applications filed and prosecuted by Bob Sayre (including an allowance rate of 83% for cases reaching disposition in 2009--i.e., off the top of the chart shown below), thereby facilitating the successful licensing and/or commercialization of a range of new technologies.

Selection of Recently Issued Patents Drafted and Prosecuted by Robert J. Sayre (click to view):

US Patent No. 8,028,663: Compliant Holder Device for Animal Imaging and Surgery (MIT and MGH)

US Patent No. 7,940,390: Compact Background-Free Balanced Cross-Correlators (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,920,673: Phase-Contrast X-Ray Imaging (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,920,040: Niobium-Tin Superconducting Coil (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,839,905: Carrier-Envelope Phase Shift Using Linear Media (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,718,813: Hydrolysis and purification of active plant compounds suitable for topical application (Nature Pure Labs)

US Patent No. 7,696,847: High-field synchrocyclotron (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,656,258: Magnet structure for particle acceleration (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,624,955: Collapsible support stand for devices, such as cameras

US Patent No. 7,541,905: High-field superconducting synchrocyclotron (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,433,043: Two-dimensional spectral shearing interferometry for ultrafast pulse characterization (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,405,868: Cavity-enhanced optical parametric amplification (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,397,567: Balanced optical-radiofrequency phase detector (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,391,850: Compact, high-flux, short-pulse x-ray source (MIT)

US Patent No. 7,332,003: Hydrocarbon fuel processing for hydrogen generation (Aspen Products Group)

USPTO Allowance Rate through 2Q 2009

1Per the USPTO PPAC Patent Operations Update of June 18, 2009.