Many patent applicants express surprise and distress over the charges assessed by their legal representatives. To remedy this problem, Modern Times Legal aims to provide better than fair value for all assessed charges and to minimize uncertainties and surprises.

Inspired by Charlie Chaplin's triumph over impersonal and inefficient mechanization at the dawn of the industrial age in his classic film, Modern Times, Modern Times Legal aims to build a cost-effective, secure and sustainable practice based on integrity, cooperation and personalized service. Bob Sayre proudly promotes these values, in part, by better leveraging modern computing technologies to achieve real efficiencies and to empower and better inform clients, while also maximizing direct personal interaction.

At Modern Times Legal (unlike at some large firms with a pyramid structure and high turnover), your case will not be passed off to and shuffled among a series of associates with minimal oversight over the course of prosecution. Rather, Bob is involved in all legal work from start to finish, which advantageously promotes consistency, efficiency and effectiveness, while maximizing the value derived from your investment.

Additionally, Modern Times Legal increases efficiency by conducting a nearly paper-free practice and by selectively outsourcing support and administrative functions to expert specialists and services. Modern Times Legal was also among the first subscribers to the E-Office Action pilot program United States Patent and Trademark Office, providing instantaneous electronic notification of actions by the Office, thereby typically providing clients with same-day reports and updates when the Patent Office acts on their case. Modern Times Legal also offers clients 24/7 access to their cases (e.g., documents, docketed dates, and associated application information) via a FoundationIP web portal.

Moreover, the adoption of sustainable, resource- and waste-reducing practices earned Modern Times Legal (along with three other honored Massachusetts firms) an inaugural Eco-Challenge Award in 2008 "for exemplary leadership in greening the practice of law" from the Massachusetts Bar Association and the Conservation Law Foundation. Bob and his family subscribe to sustainable living principles in their daily lives, as well, having recently installed a solar panel array on the roof of their home. The eco-friendly initiatives adopted by Modern Times Legal are win-win:  they are good for the environment, and the resulting efficiency improvements and waste reduction save your money.

Freed from the pressures of billable-hour demands and sky-high billing rates, Modern Times Legal also is able to place customer relations and satisfaction--along with an intimate knowledge and understanding of the ongoing evolution of patent law and policy--foremost in its practice. Located in the innovation hotbed of Kendall Square, Cambridge, Modern Times Legal thrives in an environment of new ideas and progressive thought from which clients can readily profit.

Finally, ask Bob about the firm's "satisfaction guarantee," which is designed to provide clients with security and confidence in terms of obtaining a high value exchange in return for their investment.