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"Speak clearly, if you speak at all; carve every word, before you let it fall."

 - Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes 

This sage advice, offered by Justice Holmes about a century ago, matches Bob's approach to drafting and prosecuting patent applications. A good patent attorney and advocate must persuade an examiner to allow a patent application via his/her prose.

Bob takes pride in the quality of his writing and other communication, for which he received numerous awards as a journalist and which led to his commission as a patent-drafting instructor and co-author of a patent-drafting workbook by the World Intellectual Propety Organization (WIPO).

Before founding Modern Times Legal in 2007, Bob was trained in legal analysis and writing at Duke Law School and benefited from eleven years of consistent immersion in patent law practice, both in a mid-size patent specialty firm and in a large international general-practice firm.