MBA Eco-Challenge

With a strong commitment to renewable energy and sustainable environmental stewardship, Modern Times Legal proudly subscribed as a pledge partner to the MBA Lawyers Eco-Challenge, an initiative of the Massachussetts Bar Association and the Conservation Law Foundation. Consistent with the Challenge, Modern Times Legal subscribes to sustainable practices including the following:

  • a commitment to car-sharing (Zipcar), public transportation and bicycling, including use of the free bicycle fleet available at the Cambridge Innovation Center, in lieu of private automobile ownership for business (and personal) transportation;
  • energy conservation practices;
  • use of electronic scanning, communication, document filing, data storage and backup to operate as an almost entirely paper-free office;
  • minimization of physical document archiving;
  • recycling and increasing use of recycled materials;
  • reduced use and consumption of disposables; and
  • use of shared office resources.
New England Wind Fund


Offsetting its carbon footprint with clean energy, Modern Times Legal is a proud member of the New England Wind Fund and contributor to the Community Solar Challenge.

Ignite Clean Energy CompetitionBob also supports clean-tech startups advancing sustainable technologies worldwide, serving as a mentor for entrants in the Ignite Clean Energy (ICE) competition. Bob is proud to have served as a mentor for the third-place winner in the 2009 ICE competition.

Stirring It Up

One of the advantages of being at the Cambridge Innovation Center is being able to take advantage of generous invitations from the CIC and dynamic fellow tenants such as the Cambridge office of Google for presentations from brilliant minds. At a Google Authors event at the CIC in February 2008, I learned first-hand from Gary Hirshberg of Stonyfield Farms how sustainable business practices can not only save the planet but can greatly enhance your business prospects. If you are looking for inspiration as to how you can revolutionize your company's business practices, I highly recommend his thoroughly engaging new book, "Stirring It Up". And his products speak for themselves--Stonyfield Farms' yogurt and ice cream are delicious.

Additionally, the patent portfolios that are proudly prosecuted by Modern Times Legal include various technologies relating to sustainable energy (e.g., nuclear energy), which offer promise in helping us to achieve energy independence, provide more-sustainable solutions and reduce environmental pollution. Bob also actively follows technological developments across a wide spectrum of clean energy and environmental initiatives via meetings at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, industry-group meetings, publications, and even avid watching of the Science Channel. Moreover, Bob's background in materials science provides a strong foundation for understanding and appreciating many of these technologies.